Thursday, May 19, 2016

KBAR #29: The Hide Out

     Marco saved the "jocks" and showed them a hiding spot in the Grill n' Shake freezer where there is food and they are away from cops. Marco and Ryan went to the med center to see Shay and Marco was called to the senators office and Ryan hid. Marco was told to spy on the people who tried to escape through the skylight which was Ryan and his friends. While Shey was still unconscious, Ryan kissed her on the forehead then left because he was seen by the nurse. Right now, Ryan got some clothes from a store trying to get back to the spot so they will have fresh clothes.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

KBAR 28: No Easy Way Our (2nd book)

     The senator is now trying to reorganize the mall. She is having each person assigned a home store (living space) by gender. They get their own outfits given to them and have rations. I don't really think a lot of people are going to like all the new rules. later on there only ends up being only a few out of a thousand people that showed up to register and it was 2 older ladies and Lexi and Maddie.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

KBAR 27: Riot

     The Senator was told by her daughter, Lexi, to tell the people what was happening with the sickness. That's when everything got crazy. Around all of the TV's were tons of people who saw it in the news and started rioting their way to the PaperClips where the ER was. They broke through the plywood walls and stormed the hazmat people. earlier before the riot, someone tried to rob the store that Lexi was helping people in and shot her dad. they were on their way to the ER when the riots started and got caught in between. the next day Lexi and her dad were all right and reunited with the senator.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

KBAR 26: No More Secrets

     Ginger and Lexi went to Abercrombie where all of the other kids were hanging out. They started playing a game of truth or dare until Lexi saw it was a dirty truth or dare and there was kissing. She knew it was the sickness that was quickly spreading and go Ginger out of there. She had to tell her what the sickness was and she didn't really take it that well and pleaded to call her dad and she told her dad about the quarantine and sickness and 2 nights later there were people outside picketing and rioting.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Agency

     Human agency shapes your life more than the things you don't have control over because you don't have anyone or anything guiding you through your life once you have control over what you do. If you do drugs and go to prison, if you try to get a job and get turned down it's probably because you were known as the guy that went to prison for doing drugs. f someone had control over your life then you probably wouldn't have ever gone to prison.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

KBAR 25: Jumped

     Ryan was going to meet with Shay at the book store but she didn't show up. He got called to the front desk because the phone was ringing for him and it was Shay. She said that her grandmother was being taken to the medical center by the people in hazmat suits. Ryan was sad so he went to the climbing gym but there was 3 football players from earlier. They badly beat Ryan but only visually has a bloody nose and a black eye. Later, Mike, Drew, and Ryan find them and get revenge which Ryan actually ends up breaking a kids nose.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

KBAR 24: PaperClips

     Two of the characters in this book on two separate occasions went to the PaperClips store. One of the characters forgot his jacket and ran back to the store to find that all of the windows were boarded up. There was this one opening with a hole in it meant for a door knob. He peaked through the opening to find this lady wearing this blue hazmat suit and made Ryan really suspicious. This must have been really weird to see because everyone was told it was a security situation and nothing serious.